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Name: Rosie
Birth Date: July 3rd
Age: 19
Email: Magicaldisney@gmail.com

Credit: lilmomaabc @ pandorahs_box
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I love my boyfriend Josh!!! I am married to him forever.
I love my doggie Lucky
I love my best friend Meng
I love my family
I love my car
I love my room
I love hugs
I love my friends
I love Disney Movies
I love to smile and be happy
I love my computer. ^_^

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Favorite Music Bands: Linkin Park, System of A Down, HIM, and more
Favorite Food: Pizza!! Italian stuff
Favorite Restaurants: Two Brother's Pizzeria, Oliver Garden and Cheesecake factory
Favorite Author: C.s. Lewis and Jk Rowlings
Favorite Colors: Different types of blue and red
Favorite Books: Harrry Potter Books, Demon in my View, and Chronicles of Narnia
Favorite Drink: Coca Cola and Ice Tea
Favorite Place to Travel: Hawaii and California
Favorite Type of Animals: Puppies and anything cute
Favorite Male Actor: Christian Bale
Favorite Female Actress: Mandy Moore

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1.Batman Begins
2.Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
3.Chronicles of Narnia
4.Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
5.My Father, the Hero
6.Little Women
8.Interview of the Vampire
10.Teen Witch